Workers’ Comp Resources

Investigating and Handling Suspect Claims

» Preparation Goal
» Defense Of Contested Claims
» Communication And Co-Ordination With Defense Counsel
» The Art Of Lawyering At The Workers’ Compensation Commission
» Appellate Practice
» Red Flags

Recent Cases

» Government’s Right to Reimbursement from Employer/Carriers in Workers’ Compensation Claims
» “Horseplay” Doctrine
» Tolling Of The Statute Of Limitations Under § 65.2-708
» Duty To Market After Accepting Light Duty Work
» Statute Of Limitations For Permanent Partial Disability
» Refusal Of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
» Psychological Injury By Accident
» Permanent Partial Disability Benefits For Vision Loss
» Penalty For Late Payments Pursuant To § 65.2-524
» Medical Provider Claims For Underpayment – Medical Provider’S Burden Of Proof
» Constructive Refusal Of Selective Employment
» Injury Arising Out Of Employment
» Statute Of Limitations
» Procuring Workers’ Compensation Benefits By Fraud – Failing To Disclose Medical History
» Suspension Of Benefits To Determine If Additional Injury Not Previously Claimed Is Causally Related
» Res Judicata
» Benefits For Psychological Injury

In addition to aggressively pursuing defense of our clients’ interests, each spring, we present a free seminar to update employers, insurers, third-party administrators, and others on recent developments in workers’ compensation law. If you wish to be added to the mailing list for next year’s seminar, contact Marilyn N. Harvey.

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